Exactly what it says a 'concert' (usually acoustic - no backing tracks!) in your living room, garden, garage.......wherever there is enough room for your invited guests and friends to sit and watch the artist sing and perform his show for you and your guests. An intimate and memorable evening that would leave everyone wanting more I hope.


There would obviously be costs, but that could be worked out between the artist and the person who books the event. It needn't be expensive if friends and guests make a donation towards the event. The donation mimimun and maximum figure would be discussed prior to the event. Email would be the best way to set up the gig and the cost.

You would need to allow yourself enough time to advertise the event and make sure that you invite enough people....bear in mind that sometimes only a a twenty to twenty five percent turn out could be expected.

The person booking the event may want to provide some snacks for the interval (if there is one)and perhaps suggest that people bring along a bottle of wine to partake during the concert. No-one wants to get hanging!!! because it may distract from the ambience and intimacy of the concert and music, which is the main reason for the evenings get together. On the other hand we could all get completely wrecked and smash the place up....sort of depends on who your friends are I guess, and how tolerent you are.

Whatever happens it could be an unforgetable (or) forgettable evening.

It would be wise to send out invitations, or telephone your invited guests explaining the details ie:

Where/When/Cost - donation/What to bring(maybe folding chairs!!depending on how many you intend to invite and what your seating arrangements are, there is always the floor and cushions) and any other things you your guests need to know before the event. ie: (smoking/non-smoking)

Starting times could be flexable especially mid week. If people have to work the following day the the concert could start at 8.15pm and be finished by 10.00pm including a 15 minute interval

Discuss your needs with Al if you wish to book him for your

House Party /Acoustic Guitar Concert