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THERE WILL HOPEFULLY BE A GIG SOMETIME in SEPTEMBER (depending on health of course)

It will be to celebrate 40 years in this business

On stage will be my original band "THE JAGUARS" + "THE MECHANICS"

Above The 'Jaguars' 1963/4

Tony Priest (vocals) - Robert Hancock (bass gtr) - Clifford Webb (rhythm) - Al Hodge (lead gtr) -Ivan Lynne(drums) also - John Pearn (Lead guitar: after my departure from the band)

John Pearn (guitar not in photograph...joined the band when Al Left)


'David Thompson (deceased - vocals) regrettably..('Al's Uncle)'

'Fritz' the Jaguars drummer was involved in a serious accident on Friday 12th May whilst riding his motorbike and will almost 'certainly' be unavailable for the gig in September,


meanwhile, I have spoken to...........'Ivan Lynne, who ( used to play for the 'DRUIDS'in and around 1963 / 64 ) 'will', if necessary?, step in for him. We all wish Fritz well, for a speedy recovery, whilst hovering between Treliske' and 'Derriford' hospital for more surgery over the next few months (or however long it takes. Suffice to say,...I won't go into any detail,)

(it was a very bad accident but fortunately not life threataning, thank God...........)

The jaguars will be playing material they played back in the 60's / Beatles / Stones /Shadows etc: for the first time in over 40 years!!!!


(Radio Cornwall)


The gig will be held at the Princess Pavilions in FALMOUTH

Let you know the date nearer the time. Should be FUN !



Feeling well in myself but still weak with balance problems, largely down to a reduction of asteroids (sorry steroids). Fortunately I don't have to wait until April to have the MRI scan for the results of the radiotherapy. This is turning into a Blog!! Appointment is 19th May....will hopefully know a little more then, as to what future treatment is needed?

DVT has now 'hopefully' been sorted . Still...I guess somebody had to get it, so why not me.

A course of stomach injections (to thin the blood) over the last 8 weeks has done the trick!. Didn't hurt too much, it' was a small / thin needle!!

At this rate of knots I should be back gigging again May 2020 !!!!!! (hopefully not) I'm getting bored with it all now,but at least I'm still here moaning about it and I'm thankful for that....bigtime!

Thanks so much for all your emails, get well messages, and cards....I'm so lucky to have friends like you.

And I really do appreciate it...................Al x

Latest Health Update Frday: 19th/5th/06

IIsaw the 'Oncologist' today, and he seems 'happy' with the results of my last 'scan'. He also said that a slight reduction in my current 'steroids' intake would help elliminate the 'weakness' and 'balance' problems',..................... so that was also good news. Everything else was cool, and I wouldn't need 'Chemo: unless I got a lot worse. So some positive news really! I have another scan in about a months time for a double check and take it from there I guess (goes on a bit don't it?)
More news as and when I get some, speak to ya allofasudden!!!

Al x






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